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din 43650 connectors
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ME-209/S ME-209/S

No. of Poles: 2 Pole + Earth
Reference Standards: DIN-43650, ISO-4400
Voltage: 250V AC
Product Weight: 35.00 gms.
Material For Rubber Gasket: Nitril / Silicon
Material Body: Polyamide
Insulation Resistance: 100 M Ohms min.
H. V. Breakdown Test: 2KV AC For 1 Minute .
Terminals: Screw-type
Current Rating: 10 Amps. .
Permissible Temp. With/Without Load: -20 Deg. C to +85 Deg.C
Current Caring Parts: Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Silver Plated .
Contact Resistance: 20 m Ohms max. (Initial)
Colours: Black, Grey .
Gland Size: PG-9
Mounting: Screw-type